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Elephone EleEnter Game1: More Pictures and Video


The first time about a mechanical keyboard called EleEnter Game1 from Elephone we informed you in the middle of July. The company also recently announced another mechanical keyboard EleEnter Game2. Meanwhile Elephone reveals more details about EleEnter Game1: pictures and video.

Through a combination of multimedia function keys FN, with part of the function keys on the keypad, you can turn on the backlight , switch  and turn it off. Backlight is adjustable RGB color mode, the use of long-life LED lights.
EleEnter Game1 has nine kinds of lighting modes, 5 game modes, static lighting, dynamic lighting, light waves, monochromatic lighting system, blending style lighting, 3G color mixing, breathing lights.

IMG_0704 EleEnter Game1

You can turn on and off the lights at your choice, mixed colorful lighting serves its function best  at night.

On youtube company has published a video where you can see exactly how it looks EleEnter Game1 mechanical keyboard and backlight. Video below.

As you can see, the keyboard looks really good. Also worth discern that Elephone designs and develops new devices in other segments than just smartphones. Had the company wanted to imitate others vendors, including well-known Xiaomi. The answer to this question will be announced probably in a few years.

At the moment there is no information yet about price or availability, but probably soon will be able to find EleEnter Game1 in the Elephone store or other well-known online stores.